The wonderful position of the “Azienda Montesalario” and our great passion for viticulture encouraged us to produce wine in an area that can be considered a new frontier for Italian oenology: the hills on the slopes of Mount Amiata in the province of Grosseto.

The Pasqui brothers’ farm is situated on the western side of the mountain, 200 metres on the sea level. You can reach the farm driving along the ss 223 Siena-Grosseto, either from the north or from the south. Leaving the main road at Paganico, you will find the estate after only 15 kms. With its vineyards and olive groves the property covers 60 hectares and overlooks directly the provincial street which is only 200 mts from the centre of the farm.

At the moment we have in production a vineyard of 5 hectares, where the planting order 0,85 X 2,75 permits a density of 4300 vines per hectare. Each plant is cultirated with the bilateral cordon spur, with a mean production of 1.5 Kgs of grapes per plant. The production per hectare (60 – 70 q) is much lower than the maximum stated by the D.O.C. disciplinary rules (90 q).

The quantity is reduced, but what we aim at is quality, and quality at a high level.


S.S. e Soc. Agricola

Pod. Montesalario

58033 Montenero d’Orcia

Castel del Piano – GR – Italia

+39 340 5475540
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